Which are created by us throughout the entire existence of the company, have proven their effectiveness in the focus of our customers on the progressive development of their business.


Creation of intersystem integrations based on OpenSource products WSO2 (Enterprise Service Bus, Message Brocker, BPE, BPMN, Rabbit MQ), JBOSS Fuse (Enterprise Service Bus).


Creation of data warehousing and synchronization processes ETL (Extract & Transform & Load) based on Apache Flink (OpenSource), Pentaho (OpenSource), Jasper (OpenSource & License), WSO2 (Enterprise Service Bus).


Creation of internal corporate portals based on Oracle Application Express, LifeRay (OpenSource), including integrated document management.


Creation of knowledge database Mediawiki, Docuwiki, Swagger (OpenSource).


Creation of assembly processes and dynamic filling of reports based on Jasper Report (OpenSource).


Creation of a separate reporting system of large volume and data processing based on ClickView (License), Microsoft Power BI (License).


Technologies we use